North Carolina Defamation LITIGATION TESTIMONY AND damage ANALYSIS


North Carolina Defamation LITIGATION TESTIMONY AND damage ANALYSIS


Eric Rose is available for immediate expert-witness consultation on all North Carolina defamation litigation cases: (805) 624-0572.

Eric has more than two decades of experience advising companies, associations and individuals on a wide range of political, governmental and public relations issues. He is known nationally and internationally for his successful crisis management and communications expertise, as well as his position as a court-tested defamation and damages expert.

Eric is available for consultation on all North Carolina defamation litigation cases.

Eric has amassed a great amount of experience and expertise in aiding and counseling people, business and entities that were in trouble, conflict or has been harmed by negative communications that affected/damaged their name, good will, image, reputation, brand, etc. For over a decade, clients have sought Eric out as an expert source and analyst for mass media on issues relating to crisis communications and issues involving damage to image or reputation. Eric’s work with both political and public-sector clients includes law enforcement, healthcare, energy, transportation, consumer goods, hospitality and leisure and environmental management. Eric has experience in all major industries and a specialty practice serving public safety unions.

Eric is regularly interviewed by local, national and international print and electronic media as an expert media source/analyst.

The Los Angeles Times called Eric a crisis and reputation management expert and The Las Vegas Review Journal calls Eric for his insight into reputational issues.

Eric serves as an expert witness in legal proceedings regarding defamation and image repair and has been a guest lecturer at the University of Southern California and California State University at Northridge.



Eric Rose is the leading choice for individuals, corporations and law firms seeking expert testimony in North Carolina defamation cases. Call now: (805) 624-0572.

Eric Rose testifies on behalf of major corporations and individuals in defamation, libel and slander cases across the country. He is qualified to provide expert testimony on issues including, but not limited to, damaged images, reputational harm prevention and repair, and crisis communications. He is also also a defamation damage calculations expert.

Rose has served as an expert witness for both plaintiffs and defendants in a wide variety of defamation/reputation cases throughout the United States. Despite the location and the type/nature of the defamation involved, there was one constant – the vital need for an expert witness for both the plaintiff and defendant.

Court cases involving defamation may occur over statements that have hindered a business, an individual’s career, reputation or general well-being. Increasingly, cases involve false statements on the internet or social media posts. While the lawyers prove that the statement and/or writing made are false, one of the challenges is determining the extent of damages that defamation has caused. Rose has years of experience testifying on the stand and brings meticulous preparation to every appearance. Rose has assisted attorneys to recover damages and ensure that their client’s reputation is repaired as much as possible given that false material is very difficult to remove from the internet. Rose has developed online reputation management campaigns to help victims repair the harm caused by defamation.

Slander and libel ruins lives

Very few people that serve on juries have the knowledge, background or understanding of the effect defamatory communication has on others. A lie can be halfway around the world before the truth ever gets out. We understand:

  • The principles of negative communications
  • The many ways false and negative information is spread
  • Human nature and psychology and how information is absorbed and interpreted
  • Strategies available for victims of defamation, slander & libel to take to counter the false information and the costs involved to repair the damage.


As a result of Eric’s extensive background in litigation communication, Eric has amassed a significant amount of experience and expertise in aiding and counseling people, businesses, and other entities whose reputations have been harmed as a result of defamation. Eric has helped clients determine the reputation repair costs in defamation cases.  In the nearly 30 cases where Eric has been an expert (testifying for both plaintiff’s and defense), Eric has never been disqualified as an expert witness.

In 2014, Eric provided expert testimony as a rebuttal witness at trial in the precedent-setting case involving Courtney Love, who was sued for posting a tweet about her former attorney. This was the first trial in the United States involving allegations of defamation on Twitter. After an eight-day trial, a jury decided that Courtney Love should not be held liable for a tweet directed at her former attorney Rhonda Holmes.

Other noteworthy cases include:

  • Eric was an expert witness for a well-known doctor who sued his patient for defamatory comments on social media websites. Eric provided expert opinion and analysis on how it is nearly impossible to remove defamation from the internet. His report included a detailed overview of the steps necessary for content removal and the cost of rehabilitating the doctor’s good name and businesses. A jury agreed with Eric and awarded damages to the doctor for rebuilding his reputation.
  • A doctor sued two insurance companies after his patients began informing him that their pharmacists would no longer fill their prescriptions. Eric was retained to address the effects of the dissemination of false information on the doctor’s professional reputation and to determine the appropriate standard of care/crisis response that should have taken place. A binding arbitration panel awarded the doctor damages.
  • An executive with a health company sued his previous employer for defamation and abuse of process. The former employer told the media that the executive “violated his employment agreement and stole confidential company property on his way to go to work for a competitor.” Eric was retained to determine how far the harmful material has spread across the internet and social media, the required steps to clean up the damage, the estimated costs to perform this cleanup. The case was settled confidentially.
  • A doctor filed a complaint against a large health insurance company after they stopped paying claims and telling patients that the doctor did not have an “active license.” Eric was retained to address reputation repair for the doctor due to the dissemination of false information.
  • After an individual was arrested and booked in County Jail for issues concerning traffic violations, he witnessed officers and jail staff mistreating a female arrestee. He expressed his disappointment in their behavior. Following a verbal altercation, one of the officers entered into the arrest log that the individual had been arrested on charges of “sex offender registration violations.” This information circulated online and on publicly accessible websites. Eric was retained to address the reputation repair due to the dissemination of false information.

A full copy of Eric’s CV is available upon request.


Eric can provide accurate estimates for damages in all North Carolina defamation litigation cases. Call now: (805) 624-0572.

Defamation can be devastating and oftentimes spreads quicker than fake news on social media.  Under federal and most state laws, courts have routinely held that a plaintiff is entitled to recover costs incurred in performing various forms of reputation repair damage control in response to a defendant’s false statements. A plaintiff can also argue for consequential damages when the defendants’ actions result in more costs. In past defamation cases, judges have awarded plaintiffs money to “clean up” online reputation messes left in the defendants’ wake.

The internet and social media have changed the way that reputations are made and destroyed and as a result the number of cases of defamation cases is growing.  When someone is defamed, the defamatory information is only a few clicks away, forever.   The difference of defaming a person in prior years versus today, via television, newspapers, radio, blogs or social media, is immense.  The internet is a vast repository of defamatory information and content is easily found in seconds via search engines and the most salacious content is often permanent. The internet has become the platform for eternal defamation unless a concerted effort is made to direct people to factual information.

Court Qualified Reputation Damage Expert

Eric Rose will help establish cleanup expenses by looking at the damage and estimating the costs to repair the reputation of the person defamed. Specifically, he examines:

  • How far the damaging material has spread across the internet and social media;
  • The required steps to clean up the damage and repair a person’s reputation;
  • Calculations regarding the costs to repair someone’s reputation as a result of defamation, including what type of digital repair, paid advertising and media outreach may be necessary; and
  • What ongoing monitoring and corrective actions may be needed going forward.

The Grapevine Effect 

The grapevine effect is an actual recognition by courts, by the ordinary function of human nature, the dissemination of defamatory material is rarely confined to the person to whom the matter was immediately published. The grapevine effect has traditionally been applied to publications including newspapers and magazines but is now increasingly used in cases of defamation via social media.  As such, the way that defamatory material can spread via the grapevine effect must be taken into account in assessing the amount of damages (compensation) the plaintiff receives in any settlement.

National Defamation Damages Experience

While Eric Rose is based in Los Angeles, he has worked on cases in California, Texas, Florida, Nevada, Wisconsin, Maryland, Washington, South Carolina, New York and has never been disqualified as an expert. Additional case studies and a Curriculum Vitae CV are available.

Trust the court-tested experience of Eric Rose to help your defamation case determine the right amount of damages to restore you or your business’ reputation.


Eric Rose welcomes all inquiries regarding North Carolina defamation cases, expert witness testimony, and damage calculation. Please complete the form below and he will respond as soon as possible.

For the fastest response, please call (805) 624-0572.

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